Welcome to Kaina Plongée

Vincent and his team will welcome you to discover the wonders of Fakarava underwater world.

Since 2001

About 20 minutes to reach to the North dive sites.

We offer 2 dives a day, one mornings, the second afternoons
A drift and a reef dive per day in general.
Diving hours depends on tides, around 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

No 2 tanks:

  • Dive in the best tidal conditions (moderate current, fauna …), not at fixed hours
  • Flexibility of departures to avoid peaks
  • Longer surface interval (3 to 4 hours) for better desaturation, reduced risk of decompression
  • More freedom on the dive profiles (more time at bottom).
  • No waiting on the surface (seasickness, cold, sunburn)


Thanks to its TV wildlife documatentaries, Tumakohua pass has become an internationally
renowned site.
Accessible to any diver, it offers, in addition to its splendid coral formation, a large concentration
of gray sharks.


Dives with incoming current for better observations, this happens on average, 2 x 5 days per


This atoll is 1 hour by boat from Fakarava. 20km long and 10km wide. Visible 10 minutes before your landing in Fakarava
This atoll is frequented especially by habitants of Fakarava who come there to fish and to gather coconuts . There is a guesthouse on the island.


2 passes, Otugi (400m) and Fakatahuna (150m)
These sites are not very frequented, you will really have the feeling of being the first to dive in this place.


To optimize your chances of going:
End of year (October to April). During the trade winds season (May / October), the wind can force us to postpone the excursion.

Curious about what is hidden underneath surface ? Dream of swimming  among  fishes? Discover  Unesco Biosphere and the first sensations that scuba diving gives.

No previous experience is required, you just need to want to try, and know how to swim!

You don’t have to be an avid athlete, or be particularly adventurous to discover our great discipline. simply come with your swimsuit and beach towel,

All you have to do is, relax, calmly swim and open your eyes wide!


Such an organization, when it has to be done remotely, remains a delicate exercise.
To better meet your expectations and save you precious time, we suggest you that we can be your link and caring of the organization of your stay in Fakarava.
We will present you a varied choice of accommodation.


Kaina diving allows you to dive with your rebreathers.


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