Small friendly structure, 10 divers max.

Our center is open all year round. Intended for all levels. Safer to book in advance.


  • Dive card or copy on phone required
  • The medical certificate is not compulsory but strongly recommended. No doctor in Fakarava. If necessary, a medical form will be filled in at the club.
  • Diving insurance is not compulsory, strongly recommended. In the event of an accident, you will be responsible for the costs incurred. (plane evacuation, hyperbaric sessions). You can take out one of our insurances on site or online 


Vincent, owner and instructor, based in 2001 in Fakarava, created Kaina Plongee in 2011.

3 instructors, residing on the island for ten years.

Our certifications: First Aid PSE1 and 2

BEES 1er, DEJESPS, FFESSM E3, CMAS *** instructor, Nitrox Instructor, CCR Submatix diver and AP Valves.  gas blender.


We kindly lend all diving equipment

230bars compensated steel and alu cylinders (12 l and 15 l). Valves are DIN and International .

BCD: Hydros, Lighthawk, T One  Size XXS to XL

Full suits (3mm). shorty 3mm and 5.5mm

DIN SCUBAPRO regulators,

Children’s equipment (7 liter bottles, adapted mouthpiece, shorty)

Scubapro masks,     fins 35 to 47

RIB »AQUAPRO«  8m,  comfortable and spacious with a »Suzuki» 225hp engine.

Compressor »BAUER Mariner 19 cubic meters

Which wetsuit?

November to April: water 28/29 ° C. Austral summer season (warn without wind)

Our instructors dive in lycra, our divers in shorty or full 3mm.

May to October: water 26/27 ° c. Trade winds season (cool with wind)

Our instructors dive in shorty / hood 5mm, our divers 3 or 5mm.

– For those sensitive to cold, we lend full 3mm + shorty hood 5 / 6mm.

– Sea raincoat are supplied.

Local Diving rules

  •    6 meters: Intro Dive. Child 3 meters
  •   12 meters PE-12: Supervised Diver 12m – DSD and Open Water Junior PADI
  •   20 meters PE-20: Diver Level 1 – CMAS *, Open Water PADI NAUI SSI
  •  30 meters PE-30 = (CMAS * diver + 30m skills). Certificate issued on site by the club
  •   Advanced PADI NAUI SSI. PE30 ADIP
  •   40 meters: Level 2 diver – CMAS **. PADI TEC 40, SSI Extended Range, TDI Deco Procedures, IANTD Advanced EANx Diver
  •   50 meters: Level 3 diver – CMAS ***. PADI TEC 50, PADI TEC 50, SSI Technical Extended Range, TDI Extended Range, IANTD Technical Diver.

Deco Stop

Drift dives generally require mandatory stops of less than 5 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes depending on the type of computer used.

Divers certified other than CMAS (Padi, Naui, SSI) are required to have the Deco procedure or to justify in a logbook any deco dives


The airport and the main village of Rotoava (about 850 habitants) are located in the north of the atoll. In the village there are 4 food stores including 1 bakery, some snacks,  post office,  medical center, possibility to rent bicycles.

Please note that there is no bank, but there is an ATM at the post office. Purchases are made either in FCP cash / $ USD / €, credit card or local checks.

No specific vaccination is required to stay in Polynesia.

Mosquito repellent lotions and sunscreen are strongly recommended.


  • From Europe: Transit through Los Angeles with Air France, Air Tahiti Nui. Via San Francisco with French Bee, United Airlines
  • From London: Air New Zealand
  • From Honolulu with Hawaiian Airlines.
  • From Santiago via Easter Island
  • From Australia or New Zealand with Air New Zealand.
  • From New Caledonia with Air Calin or the Cook Islands with Air Tahiti.
  • From Japan: Departure from Tokyo with Japan Airlines.


Air Tahiti: direct flight 1h10 or transit via Rangiroa (2h)

For Adventurers: Crossing by cargo boat (Cobia 3), departure from Tahiti on Mondays, arrival Fakarava Wednesday or Thursday. Cost around 50 euros one way.


By its surface area, this atoll is the 2nd of the Tuamotu. 60km long and 25km wide, it is rectangular in shape and oriented approximately from NW to SE. It is an immense coral ring, made up in the North and East of a large uninterrupted motu over more than 40km and on its South and West coasts of a few islets with coconut palms.

It is located 450km east-north-east of Tahiti. It is accessible by 2 passes: that of Garuae, which is located in the North, the widest of Polynesia (1600m) and the Tumakohua pass (wide of 200m) located in the South of the atoll, with the small village of Tetamanu next to it. . The 2 passes are different from each other but they are rich in discovery (see chapter Dives).