Intro Dive

Curious about what is hidden underneath surface ? Dream of swimming  among  fishes? Discover  Unesco Biosphere and the first sensations that scuba diving gives.

No previous experience is required, you just need to want to try, and know how to swim!

You don’t have to be an avid athlete, or be particularly adventurous to discover our great discipline. simply come with your swimsuit and beach towel,

All you have to do is, relax, calmly swim and open your eyes wide!

First of all, the instructor will provide you the necessary equipment for diving (wetsuit, mask, fins, jacket…). Then, move on site , above the reef. Depending on the weather or for the less aquatic, we can dive in the lagoon around the coral pinnacles.

 You will have a briefing on use of equipment and safety instructions.  Everything will be done to ensure your safety, to reduce your apprehensions and to ensure that you have an extraordinary experience. A qualified instructor assists you at all times: he takes into account your slightest concerns, and adapts to your expectations and capacities.

 This dive will be between 0 and 6m for 50 minutes, allowing you to fully enjoy this first experience in calm and clear water. There you will have a fascinating encounter with the aquatic world: colorful, rich in marine life … A living, colorful world, where fish parade and nature reigns supreme, in a silence where only your bubbles are heard!

All inclusive rate! 7,500 Xpf / 63 euros (Free pick up, briefing, 1 intro dive, full equipment, supervision by an experienced instructor throughout the dive, a certificate of participation).

Required conditions

Intro dive is for all those who wish to discover the underwater world. There are, however, a few recommendations to be considered:

 children must be at least 8 years old.

– pregnant women cannot dive.

– if you have epilepsy or asthma, you will not be able to dive

Only an information sheet will be submitted to you. It is used to assess your ability to practice this sport, the medical certificate is not necessary.

Diving Course

We advise people to come already certified,  to fully enjoy the exploration dives. Many centers can train you  at sea or in the swimming pool

You have already made a first dive, or even several, and you want to be able to go deeper, up to 20 meters?

20m Supervised Diver Qualification (PE20) FFESSM/ Cmas 1*

This training takes place in 4 sessions, + theoretical information.

At the end of this training, you will be able to evolve in a depth zone of 0 to 20 meters with a dive guide

.By analogy to our “driving license”, it is the “diving license”, the key that will allow you to evolve at the bottom of the seas or oceans, anywhere in the world. You present your diver’s card to a dive shop, and you dive.

All inclusive rate! 40,000 Xpf / 335 € (briefings, 4 training dives supervised by a professional instructor, all the necessary equipment, diving license/insurance, FFESSM/Cmas card certification, dive log)

Required conditions

Intro dive is not required before starting a course, but it is a good way to know if you are comfortable underwater.

Medical certificate 

Parental authorization for minors. 

It is possible to pass your first level of diving before the age of 14 years minimum. 12 years minimum with parental consent and medical certificate.

12 m Supervised Diver Qualification (PE12)

If you don’t have enough time, or if you want to learn more gradually, you can train yourself at first, only for the PE 12 aptitude

 This training requires neither license no medical certificate.

The PE12 Qualification allows you to dive to a depth of 12 m accompanied by a dive guide or an instructor.

The minimum age to access this level is 12 years (with exemption).

This training is done in 2 dives