Kaina diving allows you to dive with your rebreathers.

Material available:
2 oxy tanks 2 liters DIN M25 connection
2 diluent tanks 2 liters (M25)
2 aluminum 7-liter bailout (M25) with regulators and pressure gauges
Oxy hose, Adapter M25 male / M26 female, M25 male / oxy conical
Air filling

With Fees
Sorb : 1500xpf / 13euros per kg
Oxygen: 300xpf / 2,5euros for 50L of ox

Helium not available

Dive time between 60 and 80 ‘.
Depth 40 meters max (depending on your certifications)
During drifting, lead by a Kaina Plongée instructor
On the reef, buddy teamdive possible (depending on your level) if you wish or with an instructor.
Minimum 2 CCR divers, No other divers in your group.
If CCR diver alone, supplement or integration in Open Circuit dive group.

For groups of 4 divers or more, private boat, run time <3 hours