Fakarava North Pass

North of Fakarava

About 20 minutes to reach to the North dive sites.
We offer 2 dives a day: one morning's, the second afternoon's.
A drift and a reef dive per day in general.
Diving hours depends on tides, around 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

No 2 tanks:
  • Dive in the best tidal conditions (moderate current, fauna …), not at fixed hours;
  • Flexibility of departures to avoid peaks;
  • Longer surface interval (3 to 4 hours) for better desaturation, reduced risk of decompression accidents;
  • More freedom on the dive profiles (more time at the bottom);
  • No waiting on the surface (seasickness, cold, sunburn).
North channel of Fakarava

Presentation of the dives

Garuae pass
Drift dive school of gray sharks. On the oceanic slope you can see a lot of gray sharks, then we let ourselves be carried by the current passing through canyons covered with magnificent corals to arrive in Alibaba (coral depression) where a multitude of fish live such as:
big eyes, snappers, and of course the gray and white tip sharks are also in the game.
From this point, the dive ends slowly by drifting inside the lagoon by making the safety stop.

7 different profiles offered according tides.
Depending on the months and moon phases, the tides can generate weak, moderate, rarely strong currents.
Good experience recommended during high tides. Beginners can also apply for certain drifting profiles. Our experience allows us to anticipate current forces and to offer you dives adapted to your level.
With its 1600 meters wide, the underwater scooter rental reduces resistance to the current offering a wider observation radius.

Ohotu and Maiuru
Ocean side reef dives at the edge of the pass. Falling where we can see:
Sharks, Napoleon wrasse, Barracudas, schools of Perch paddles, Surgeons, Bécunes and again with a little luck Mantas and Dolphins. They end in very beautiful coral gardens.
Any level

Pufana and Roti Matai
Inside lagoon, ideal for intro dive and beginners. The diver will find himself with a multitude of colorfull fishes all around him.
Kaina Plongée

Open 7/7 all year round
Fakarava - French Polynesia
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